Ecologically-minded product offerings support MONIER's efforts to be ethically and ecologically responsible
Ecologically-minded product offerings support our efforts in sustainability
MONIER maintains high standards when it comes to the environment

We aim to be socially and ecologically responsible while also being economically successful. This principle of sustainability is the guideline Braas Monier Building Group uses for long-term strategic, as well as day-to-day, decisions and activities.

It is also a fundamental part of our company's commitments. We serve our customers and protect the environment by delivering sustainable products and systems, while respecting the environment in our manufacturing processes. We carefully consider people’s present needs and respect future generations’ requirements. We are socially responsible towards communities and societies while respecting our employees’ needs in terms of working environment and fair treatment.

For us, as one of the leading roofing companies, sustainability is important. We see it as an opportunity to differentiate ourselves in a competitive market and to help shape and improve the quality of life for people, communities and countries in a sensitive and responsible manner.

As a company we are aware of our economical, ecological and social responsibility. We aim to make positive impacts with our products and innovations, our people, our behaviour and our operations. It is not just complying with rules and legislation, but to do more.

Economic responsibility

Several innovations, from the climate saving CoolRoof® system, to thermal energy products or photovoltaic systems, contribute to Braas Monier's efforts to protect the environment and the growing demand for sustainable products. Proof that environmental protection and economic success can go hand in hand.

Environmental responsibility

Braas Monier follows several ideas to optimise the ecological impact of its products, production and packaging, as well as logistic processes. Products are tested and improved in terms of their ecological impact throughout the entire product life cycle.

Social responsibility

Human resource management, employee compensation and benefits, workplace health & safety, ethical business practices (Code of Conduct) and our involvement in the communities where we operate are the key areas in which Braas Monier is active.