Ridge and hip products for your individual roof

Ridge and Hip Products provide for a perfect roof ventilation

With our quality products we offer ventilation solutions, including a perfect sealing of the ridge and hip area of the roof. Braas Monier rollable and non-rollable solutions ensure a full functional ventilation of the roof and additionally offer high protection against intrusion of driving rain or snow.

Unlike mortar and other conventional products, our product systems are  very quick, clean and easy to install. Extremely stretchable side strips and a variable width support the application on a great variety of roof tiles. Produced and tested in Germany, our ridge and hip solutions for your roof stand for durability and quality.

The advantages at a glance

  • Quick, easy and clean installation
  • Excellent protection against intrusion of driving rain or snow
  • Comfortable application thanks to highly stretchable fleece side strips
  • Variable widths thanks to an additional pleat for use on various roof tiles

Ridge clip

1)      Clip to fix the ridge tiles
to the roof.

Ridge batten holder

1)     The ridge batten holder supports
the correct positioning and secure
fixing of the ridge batten thanks to
its individual height adjustment.

Ridge plate

1)      The ridge plate consists of PVC
for an aesthetic look and finish.

Ventilated Roof - for a better climate in the attic

Nowadays living space is expensive and in some regions scarce. More and more homeowners convert the cold and unfinished attic into a modern comfortable studio. To create a comfortable indoor climate under the roof makes high demands on the roof structure. Click here to read how our products contribute to a pleasant living under the roof.

Cool Roof - Increases comfort in the living areas

Our engineers at Monier Technical Centre have developed the CoolRoof system together with the Braas Monier business units located in hot climates. Local building traditions and roofing materials mean the indoor temperatures of houses in hot climate areas become almost unbearable and lead to high energy costs. Read here how our roofing accessories optimise the roof’s thermal performance.

Low Pitch Roof - solution for special requirements

Architectural design trends shaped the demand for low pitched roofs, where tiles usually are not applicable. To meet this trend our engineers have developed special concrete tiles and a new generation of roofing accessories to offer a low pitch solution below 15°. The innovation lies in the aesthetic and functional properties of these new roofing products. Read more about the Low Pitch products in this chapter.

Our Products in your country

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