Working for us

Our success as an international group is based on our quality organisation consisting of approx. 7,400 employees operating in 36 countries worldwide. We are an organization that is passionate about innovative quality products and leverages on people who act with entrepreneurial spirit, trust and effective teamwork while having a strong focus on results. We are committed to excellence in Quality, Health & Safety and are also aware of our social and environmental responsibilities.

The opportunity to work in an organisation that has activities across a variety of international markets yet still is “human sized” is something that makes Braas Monier unique.

This means:

  • We offer a paticipative and supportive culture where people act out of convictions and develop innovative ideas and where daily interaction is founded on trust, effective teamwork, information and good practice sharing.
  • We focus on our activities, clarify roles and rules, and simplify our organisations and processes to be more efficient.
  • We give our people challenging responsibilities where their business sense, together with speed and quality of action, are key to achieving results.
  • We develop talents and potential through training, coaching, feedback and recognition.
  • We make health and safety a core value and an integral part of our operational excellence.

Can you imagine being part of our team?

Find out by reading more about us in What our employees say.

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