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17.12.2014, Luxembourg

Braas Monier introducing innovative sealing application for insulated heating and ventilation pipes

With “WrapTec”, Braas Monier has developed a new, innovative sealing application for typical insulated heating, ventilation and air condition (HVAC) systems. WrapTec is based on Braas Monier’s Wakaflex technology, a lead free, flexible and adhesive flashing, normally used for modern roofing systems. HVAC pipes are generally insulated with mineral wool. This insulation loses its insulating properties when getting wet. Therefore it needs to be covered by a sealing, mainly aluminium claddings are used.

“WrapTec is a unique substitute for aluminium claddings. Among other advantages, it is much easier and faster to install, saving the insulation installer time and money. Furthermore, the self-welding abilities of WrapTec provide an absolute water tight sealing with clear technical advantages over aluminium claddings”, Axel Rump, Director Business Segment Abutments / Ridge & Hip at Monier Roofing Components, explains.

After first successful projects with very encouraging customer feedback, WrapTec will be launched in the Danish market in January 2015. In exclusive partnership with the HVAC specialist Øland – a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain Distribution A/S – the product will be sold under the brand of IsoCover in Denmark.

“With WrapTec, we demonstrate our ability to transfer our technical know-how and deep understanding of modern roofing systems into applications outside our traditional markets”, says Pepyn Dinandt, CEO of Braas Monier Building Group. “This creates interesting growth opportunities for us while on the same time provides value-adding solutions for our customers -  a very promising approach, which we will apply to further markets and products in the future.”

Customer Benefits of WrapTec:

  • Unique self-welding abilities provide an absolute water tight sealing
  • Less time consuming installation (no measuring or tailor made cladding manufacturing)
  • Finishing the job in one step
  • Less labour costs
  • No special know-how required
  • Supply chain advantages due to sealing material on rolls
  • Due to easy handling, an insulation installer can do the job, no need for additional specialised craftsmen

“Wrap and seal – job finished.”

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