Innovation & Industrial Performance

Innovative solutions for our customers

As an international supplier of roofing materials, MONIER aims to continually strengthen its depth of technical know-how, supporting its position as worldwide leader and furthering its ability to tailor solutions to the individual needs of each national market.

Experts in Quality

At the heart of this strategy is our Technical Centre where our experts have access to unrivalled research and development capacities, making our commitments to innovation and operational excellence a reality.

Coppo Domus clay tile
Coppo Domus clay tile, MONIER Italy

A key role of the Technical Centre is to facilitate the sharing of this know-how through people networks, training courses and an in-house intranet.

Our Technical Centre and our business units have more than 50 years of experience in roofing. We devote more resources to roofing development, and have more know-how than any other roofing company in the world.

We continually test and improve all our products and systems to make them as functional, durable, reliable and attractive as possible. Working closely with product designers, material scientists and marketing specialists, our Technical Centre ensures that our products and systems meet all aspects of their technical specifications and are fully “fit for purpose”.

These efforts enable us to provide the highest quality products available with maximum added value – which means maximum customer satisfaction.

Frankfurter Pfanne concrete tile
Frankfurter Pfanne concrete tile, MONIER Braas